sustainable value

Private equity

We empower entrepreneurs' goals.

We believe in building lasting relationships with extra-ordinary entrepreneurs, supporting them through strategic investments and a shared commitment to sustainable growth and a brighter future.

Our goal is to create sustainable and thriving businesses by leveraging growth opportunities and enhancing organizational structures.

As dedicated shareholders, we work alongside management teams to help them realize their full potential, leveraging our network, resources, and industry insights to drive sustainable growth and maximize value for all stakeholders.


our focus


Growth Capital

We focus on companies with well-defined business models that operate in growth markets with an opportunity of at least €5 billion euros.

Sector Focus

We target industries with a focus on Technology, Industrials, Business Services & Leisure.

Up To €10m

We are able to invest up to €10 million with a goal of obtaining a majority or influential minority stake. We preferably act as a lead investor.

Europe & US

We can invest businesses all over the world, although we have a geographic sweet spot for companies with their headquarters in Europe or the US.

the entrepreneurs we support


Discover the ventures we back, where potential meets passion. Through strategic investments, we work with visionary entrepreneurs, fueling their journey towards success.

Each partnership is a testament to our belief in innovation and growth, as we strive to cultivate thriving ecosystems and unlock boundless opportunities. 



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