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Reshaping spaces with ingenuity

NIU Invest is a real estate developer and investor committed to finding the perfect balance between location and functionality in a constantly evolving and challenging world. We believe that flexibility and creativity are key to achieving this balance.

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of the European real estate markets, we collaborate with trusted partners to tackle the ever-increasing complexity of large-scale projects.

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Providing a broad selection of assets on prime locations

Large projects

We thrive on tackling expansive projects, where we hold the potential to transform entire communities.

International focus

Active in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, United Kingdom & Albania

6 sectors

Asset type boundaries do not confine us; our focus is on adaptable strategies and creative problem-solving.

Featured projects

Take a glimpse at our real estate portfolio of standout projects. From towering skyscrapers that redefine city skylines to dynamic urban revitalization endeavors, each project underscores our commitment to transforming communities and shaping the built environment for the better.

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